The Project Partners

GPChE Aleko Konstantinov

Treti mart 30

BG 412 Sofia





“Aleko Konstantinov ”  in Pravets, Bulgaria, is a Secondary Comprehensive School focusing on intensive learning of English, German and French. As second foreign languages, the school provides Russian, Italian, and Spanish. There are also vocational classes with special emphasis hospitality management and restaurant services.




Lycée Savary de Mauléon

78 Avenue de Bretagne

85100 Les Sables-d'Olonne





The lycée Savary de Mauléon is a general and technical high school (created in 1965) which has about 800 students who are preparing :

the general baccalauréat (high school diploma in literature, science or economy) or the technological baccalauréat (science and technology of management, and laboratory sciences and technologies) or a vocational training certificate taken at the end of a 2-year higher education course (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS)). There are two types of BTS currently hosting 80 students: Manager’s Assistant and IT Services for organizations.




IOC - Institut Obert de Catalunya

Avinguda del Paral·lel

Números 71 - 73

                                                          08004 Barcelona



The IOC was born in 2006 from three existing initiatives on distance learning managed by the Department of Education of Catalonia:

• The ICESD Institut Català d’Ensenyament Secundari a Distància ( Compulsory and secondary education distance learning)

• Palau de Mar – GES (compulsory adult distance learning)

• FP oberta (vocational training distance learning)

Nowadays, IOC is the institution of reference in Catalonia which reaches anyone who wants to learn anywhere and anytime.




Örfi Çetinkaya Teknik Ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi

Nenehatun Mah.

Kibris Cad. no: 120

34275 Arnavutköy/Istanbul



Örfi Çetinkaya Technical and Vocational High School is a public school located in Arnavutköy, on the European and northwestern side of Istanbul, Turkey. Our students' ages range from 14 to 18. We have almost 60 (or around) teachers and approximately 1000 students in our school. There are 3 main departments for vocational and technical studies: ICT, Mapping and Cadastre, and Building Technologies.




BBS am Pottgraben

Pottgaben 4

49074 Osnabrück





With more than 4,000 students and about 170 teachers our school is one of the biggest schools in Lower Saxony in the north-western part of Germany. We are a vocational school offering a wide range of different courses in the sectors: commercial, health, IT, foreign language, business and administration. About 20% of our students follow full-time one- or two-year courses, the others attend our school once or twice a week, doing a traineeship in a company at the same time.