The Project

Fit for Work in Europe is an Erasmus+ project of five European countries developing the world of work in Europe.


There will be five project meetings taking place, one in each country, and one further week of internships for some students.

1. Meeting in Bulgaria:

"Getting to know each other"

Students work on a gallery run to present their countries, schools and school life. There will also be a contest for creating a project logo.


 2. Meeting in France:

Workshop "Differences in job interviews abroad"

There should be a discussion on questions like: What to do after school? What future chances do I have with my qualifications? What risks and opportunities do I see for my future?


 3. Meeting in Spain:

"Labor Law".

Students describe their expectations and fears about working abroad in the first step. Each student is the specialist for his country and has to advise the foreign students in his or her group about job training rules in their countries.


 4. Meeting in Bulgaria:

"Fit for work in Europe"

The students create a booklet "Fit for work in Europe" with the content: working abroad, expectations, chances, risks, application rules, intercultural knowledge, examples of employers, financial support, etc. They will create it in country-mixed groups.


 5. Meeting in Germany:


The interns report on their work experience. All students should reflect their knowledge and opinion on working abroad in comparison to the beginning of the project. All participants do an evaluation.