Module: Getting to know each other

Meeting in Bulgaria

Presentations of schools, cities and school systems

The French group's school
Introduction to the school of the French students in Les Sables d'Olonne
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The French school system
Summary of the French group about the French school system
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Germany: Osnabrück
Presentation of the German group about their country and Osnabrück
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Spain: Barcelona
Presentation of the Spanish group about Barcelona
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The logo competition

The French group created a logo showing our planet focussing Europe and two hands reaching out for each other.

The German students suggested a logo looking like a blossom.


Have a look at the corresponding presentation to get to know more about the ideas behind the logo.

The blossom's meaning
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The Turkish group used the flag of the European Union as basis for their logo showing the flags of the five participating countries.


Have a look at the presentation to get to know how the logo was created.

Creation of the Turkish logo
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And the winner is...


... the logo created by the Spanish group!


It shows Europe presented similar to the flag of the European Union as well as two hands shaking each other. In addition, the countries participating in the project are tagged.